Creating an atmosphere of Success

The World Through Our Eyes

Our Vision

A more diverse community of entrepreneurs at any stage, in all professions, from all countries uniting to help one another by providing empowerment and support to overcome the daily obstacles.

Our Core Values

Action- without action, no real change can be made but together we all succeed.

Passion – a passion for business, success, and helping others

Diversity – uniting people with different ideas, experiences, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make us all a success.

Community – the network is not about one single entrepreneur, but about the millions of women around the world who commit to business every day.

Integrity – keeping honesty at the heart of all business and all that we do.

Our Mission

The 360WE strives to be the leading organization for female entrepreneurs driving real change for women in business.

The 360WE are committed to raising the bar and changing the standards of opportunities for female entrepreneurs around the world.

Our Goals

  1. To raise the profile of female entrepreneurs from around the world by identifying and overcome their struggles and successes from a diverse range of women in business.
  1. Provide unique opportunities and resources allowing female entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, confidence, and a network of support.
  1. Create a global community of female entrepreneurs and leaders working together to create a powerhouse of support for women.
  1. Influencing real change in dealing with the daily grind in business resulting in an increase of more women taking part and enjoying their vision and dreams.

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