Who are We?

We are daughters, wives, sisters, and friends that are passionate about helping other women break through the barrier of self-love, overcome the obstacles of life, and empower women to maximize their greatest gifts. We have a super team of women globally to help you hone in on your super powers and impact the world.


360 Woman is the advantage you need

360 Woman Entrepreneur is a platform for struggling women who feel their is more to life and don’t know how to embrace what that is, that need support and guidance for defining what that is, or that are looking for other avenues, new outlets, motivation, or just want to help others. We are here to help in all areas of life, with work, wellness, and life to complete their 360 success.

At 360 WE you will get support when being creative, innovative, and thinking outside the box when everyone thinks you're crazy to push on. At 360 Woman we can do this together!


The Struggle Women Face

Many people have a hard time seeing that their life can be different and well balanced if they choose for it to be. When you are surrounded by a good supportive group of people, there is a synergy that happens and great things come from it. Sometimes you're on top of the world and other days you are in the creek but that's why you need a supportive team, to get you to success.

This platform was created to bring women from all areas of life together to connect, empower, and help others find their way.  Together we can change the world.

Is 360 Woman right for me?

  • Have you struggled with knowing that there is something bigger and better out there for you but need help grasping it?
  • Are you looking for a support team that you can surround yourself with to further your life purpose?
  • Do you struggle with work-life balance and need help with that?
  • Are you wanting guidance in deciding on a career path or business?
  • Do you want to live a purposeful life and help others?
  • Are you hoping to leave a legacy for your family but need help in achieving that?
  • Are you trying to develop the confidence within yourself so you can reach a higher position?
  • Do you need help staying motivated?
  • Are you searching the universe for that "thing" that is going to make you happy?
Hr manager asking questions to female candidate


Meet the Founders

Now you have someone to support you at all times in all matters of business. Open 24/7! Just log on each day and find the answers you need. Founders of 360 Woman Entrepreneur, a division of My360Business, Christine Stock and Lynn Gebke are both serial entrepreneurs who have over 50 years combined experience running businesses. Collectively they have created, owned, operated, and managed more than two dozen companies. Over the years, they have been met with obstacles, struggles, and questions when starting their businesses but they have learned the hard way and that is by figuring each step out by themselves. They realized it would have gone faster and easier if they had support from the experts so they are here to help you start in the right place and end with a smile on your face.

How did you do it? What's the secret?

Christine and Lynn realized that people want to know the answers to these questions. People with a vision for a better future are coming out of the woodworks seeing that life can be a struggle. They want more for themselves as well as their families but don't know where to begin. 360 Woman is here to help manifest that vision. They have started many businesses from scratch, have contemplated their life direction, and figured out that each one of us was given gifts and strengths that we need to utilize to get to a place of happiness to be able to leave that legacy for our families. So they created the 360 Woman Entrepreneur, an online platform to help guide each other to greater success, and to empower and encourage others to take action to live the life of their dreams.

Christine and Lynn have had many of the same struggles and experiences that women face throughout life, and felt the need to help others break through faster by providing a source that was available on demand.

Their goal is to provide exceptional quality content to viewers through their blog, webinars, interviews, podcasts, e-books, events and retreats.

Our Vision, Our Mission

Unlock Your Fears and Doors Will Open

The Women Entrepreneur is the first in a series of platforms from My360Business that will provide a growth system for people in many areas of life or levels of business. Look for more to come from My360Business.com

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

By joining our super team you will be able to connect to super women globally and have access to tools, resources, events, inspiration, and tips. This is a must to finding your super powers and living a purposeful life.

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